Sexual Networking

One topic my colleagues never tire of talking about – and I must admit I never tire hearing about – is sex. Considering how widely abstinence is promoted it is fairly amusing!

Very early on in my time at work I was sat round with my closest work buddies at the 10am All Staff tea break chatting over our daily Kenyan mixed tea and two mandazis. Talk quickly turned to which was better: for your husband to have a mistress or to have a second wife.

Unanimous agreement was reached almost instantly. Second wife! Why? At least you know her status then… (HIV status).

It was hard logic to argue with! And then I was put on the spot when I was asked why we Brits put up with secretive affairs and high divorce rates when legalising polygamy might provide a solution? I won’t get into the pros and cons of polygamy versus monogamy here but I would argue that at the very least women should be allowed to marry multiple men in the name of equity!

What I couldn’t understand in the following weeks after this conversation however, was why, if polygamy was so acceptable, did those people suspected of having a second wife or of looking for one get talked about in such hushed, gossipy tones. Turns out, in these straightened economic climes, if you can afford a second wife then everyone wants to know where you got the money to be able to afford them…!


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