A recurring dream

Today I visited Kitengela Glass, a wonderful treasure trove of art, nature, and dreams brought to life, just outside of Nairobi…

30 years ago a German artist named Nani clearly fell so in love with the area that she proceeded to decorate it with home-blown glass art, mosaics and mud sculptures. Now a popular tourist stop – and home to thriving mini-industry – Kitengela has accumulated huts and houses, pigs, small dogs and marabou storks.


I fell in love with Kitengela almost immediately. It is a rabbit-warren of surprising and quirky treats that made me feel like a child trying to rush around a playground and have a go on every slide, swing and roundabout all at once.

The thing is, I’ve had a little bit of a dream, for quite a number of a years now, that one day I’ll be a position to create my own little treat of a home in a green and beautiful part of the world. I gulp down pictures and tales of people building up their homes around them and with every inspiration my dreams grow wilder and more unwieldy.

And so it was today.


A three-headed dragon pool watching over my outdoor swimming pool you say?

“Yes please, I’ll have one of those please!”









“Would you like to walk through a face to get into your hallway?”.

Yes I do, now you ask!








“Need a rest? Just settle down on my lap with your book…”









The thing is, I’m not yet in a position to start building this home I have in my mind and neither am I sure when I will be. So wishfully, in a small bid to keep my dream alive, I’ve come home with a ridiculously un-useful collection of hand-blown champagne glasses! (Ridiculous considering chilled champagne is not a delicacy usually found residing in South B – or in the home of a VSO volunteer…)

Then maybe one day I’ll have a bedroom that in some little way resembles this one. And when I do, I will sip contentedly from my glass as light streams through the walls.




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