Who I spend my days with

This probably isn’t hugely interesting for anyone but me! But as this is my diary I will indulge myself. 

I want to introduce you to my tea break colleagues. 

First up, there is Mildred. Mildred is the HR Manager who sits in the office next to mine. In her spare time Mildred is an international scrabble competitor and is keen to expand her repertoire to include chess. Mildred is pretty much the social lynchpin of our tea break gang. She has never ending stories and an amazing sense of humour. She is a recent convert to Yorkshire tea made the British way for which I can proudly say I am responsible. 

Vincent is the Swimming Pool Manager and my best running buddy. Twice a week he makes me get up at 5.30am and run around the parks and streets near our work. He and his buddies have let me into their exclusive-all-men running gang and so I now know far about the marriages and love lives of these men than I ever thought possible. 

John Macharia is the Accountant. He is the son a bishop, an entrepreneur with growing aspirations and the best talker I have ever met. John can talk on any subject and mainly likes to take the opposite opinion to everyone else at the table. John is going to be a success. Probably in more than one field. 

Maggy is the Hostel Office Assistant. She likes the sun and mandazis even more than me (everyone else runs for the shade!). She spends her lunchtimes in the most civilised way I’ve seen yet – contemplating the blue sky and reading. She is single but there seems to be the prospect she will get married soon and I can’t understand what is going on, although everyone else seems to get it. 

Flora is the Hostel Assistant Manager. She is full of wisdom and helps me out in Devotion when I can’t find the bible passage or hymn everyone is on. 

Wuamba is the Caretaker. Every morning he visits my office at 8am to try clean up around me. At the same time he teaches me Kiswahili. I look forward to these lessons but am scared when I don’t understand something as Wuamba does not like how slow I am at learning…


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