Hurdling the wall


I’ve been stuck at the 15 mile mark in my marathon training having unsuccessfully attempted to move up to 17 miles a few times over the last couple of weeks. Either I had eaten too much and gotten a stitch, was suffering from an ulcerated throat from too many malaria tablets (yes, gross) or my legs just felt unreasonably weak.

But this morning I set off with fresh determination.

After a poor start (despite getting up two hours early to eat breakfast, I had a stitch by the end of mile one), my legs found themselves going into automatic pilot. Three and half hours later I found myself back at home having not only hurdled the 17 mile wall but having gone over 19 miles!! Four and half miles further than I’d ever been before.

All of a sudden my confidence in being able to make the marathon has shot up. Good job too as my running buddies attended the pre-race briefing in London this week and the advice they received has made me all the more excited:

  • People regret focusing on their time rather than the giraffe running beside them. Focus on the giraffe.
  • There are misting stations :).
  • We should all get white running caps with black on the underside. To reflect heat as well as look super snazzy.
  • There are 3 hard hills and we should expect to walk up at least one.
  • The temperature gets to an average of 28C (not as bad as I thought).
  • Breathe in before you drink water.
  • We should consider staying for the party afterwards.
  • We will definitely get lapped by many barefooted sinewy Kenyans.

Check out my running team buddy’s blog on how training for a marathon on the equator, in Stockholm during the winter, is going…


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