The path to glory

So, for keen readers (surely, there are some?!) progress with my most favourite project out here is slowly, but surely, being made (If you need your memory jogged… Basically, this involves muscling into the nerdy nerve centre of Nairobi and hijacking some serious, socially beneficial tech innovation to create a homage to my favourite thing: gold. It’s deep.

Mr Pops – featured here – is my incredibly patient teacher. I don’t believe there can be many people who would be happy to respond to frantic demands for online shopping advice about shift registers, breadboards, 9V rechargeable batteries and LED lights at 7.30am on a Saturday morning. But seemingly Mr Pops is one of them!


So the above picture highlights the first visual representation of the homage to gold. The second is below. Not a dramatic improvement but a small step.


And below are some of the weird and wonderful things I apparently need to turn the vision into reality! Possibly the best online shopping delivery I’ve ever had although my dear colleague Mildred’s response was “Catherine, you’ve been conned” so incredulous was she that this would turn into anything vaguely useful or good…


Then we had to actually do something with the kit other than admire the eenie-weenie little bits.

Tutorial 1: How to hook up a motion sensor to some lights and add in some nifty computer programming so that the lights kick into action the closer an object moves to the sensor…

one light

lights on

The final part of the puzzle – THE GOLD – turned up with the most excellent Morven upon her arrival into Kenya from the UK.

Next step: to somehow brief my poor tailor, Hellen, on the creation she is tasked with…


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